Indoor Biotechnologies makes every effort to produce high quality products and provide efficient reference laboratory services. Our products are designed to work for the applications for which they are intended. We provide three levels of product and technical support:

  1. Web-based learning tools including Frequently Asked Questions, detailed product information, certificates of analysis, assay protocols, and scientific publications. Many questions can be answered by following up on information that can be found in this section or elsewhere on our website.
  2. Telephone or e-mail support through contact with our scientific, technical and marketing staff. Most of our staff manufacture products or provide services and can provide first hand knowledge to solve any problems that you may have.
  3. Direct contact, either through meeting our staff at scientific conferences, trade show exhibits or through visiting our company or attending our annual training course in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Indoor Biotechnologies would appreciate any feedback or suggestions on the support that we provide ( or
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