InBio’s unique human IgE monoclonal antibodies (hIgE mAb) are derived from allergic patients with clinical history of allergic disease using proprietary methods. The hIgE mAb are natural antibodies that appear to be of high affinity.

A technological breakthrough with wide applications.

This remarkable technology will enable the hIgE mAb to be used for diverse research and diagnostic applications.

  • QC & validation of purified allergens for molecular diagnostics
  • In vitro IgE diagnostic tests, calibrators, controls, alternatives to human sera
  • Molecular reference standards for hIgE mAb
  • Epitope analysis & localization of hIgE mAb epitopes
  • Mast cell/basophil activation assays & histamine release
  • Animal models of anaphylaxis

InBio’s panel includes hIgE mAb to major inhaled and food allergens from dust mite, cat, dog, egg, peanut, cashew, milk, and walnut. Purity of the hIgE mAb was established by SDS-PAGE and by ELISA using purified allergens. Concentration of the hIgE mAb was determined by ImmunoCAP.

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InBio’s license agreement with Vanderbilt University for human IgE monoclonal antibody technology grants InBio exclusive worldwide rights to commercialize the IgE monoclonal antibodies developed at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) for research and diagnostic use.

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