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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) consultants play a key role in maintaining the high quality of indoor air. Measurement of allergens in indoor environments can help determine the cause of allergy symptoms and evaluate allergen reduction efforts. Air sampling for allergens has been a complicated and cumbersome process, involving specialized equipment and sampling methods.

InBio has developed Apollo, a modern solution to simplify air sampling for the IAQ industry. Apollo is a quiet, lightweight ambient air sampling device designed to streamline airborne allergen exposure assessments. Easy to use, Apollo is ideal for air sampling in homes, schools, laboratories, and workplaces. Sampling with Apollo can be set up in just minutes. Proprietary filters and validated flow rates ensure allergen capture. Research made Real!

Apollo’s replaceable filters can be sent to InBio laboratories for MARIA® and ELISA testing.

Watch how easy it is to use Apollo!

Key features of Apollo include:

  • User-friendly; simple as plugging in!
  • Whisper quiet operation; under 40 decibels
  • High flow rate (>500Lmin)
  • Long-duration sampling; set it and forget it
  • Improved allergen capture over IOMs and electrostatic dust collectors (EDC)

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