Intellectual Property

Allergen Detection Systems

i) Monoclonal antibodies

Indoor Biotechnologies has unique capabilities and technology for environmental allergen detection. The core of Indoor Biotechnologies intellectual property (IP) is a comprehensive and proprietary portfolio of monoclonal antibodies to house dust mite allergens, animal allergens, cockroach, mold, pollen and food allergens. The company has an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license for antibodies to indoor allergens from the University of Virginia Patent Foundation and in 2008 obtained an exclusive license for antibodies from Sanquin Research, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Indoor Biotechnologies owns proprietary antibody cell lines for dog, cockroach, peanut and mold allergens. These antibodies are used in Indoor Biotechnologies immunoassay platforms (ELISA and MARIA®) and in our Ventia™ ‘point-of-care’ device for dust mite allergen testing. Indoor Biotechnologies continues to produce (or acquire) allergen specific antibodies to add to its product portfolio and to consolidate its position as the leading supplier of allergen detection systems.

ii) Indoor Biotechnologies Agreement With Luminex Corp. for xMAP® Technology

In 2007, Indoor Biotechnologies signed a Development and Supply Agreement with Luminex Corporation (AUSTIN, Texas) which provides Indoor Biotechnologies with worldwide rights for use of Luminex xMAP®-based technology in the allergy field. Indoor Biotechnologies will market its Multiplex ARray for Indoor Allergens (MARIA®) kits for detection of dust mite, cat, dog, rat, mouse, cockroach allergens in homes, workplaces and public buildings, and will provide exclusive multiplex assay services to academic researchers, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and the indoor air quality industry. Indoor Biotechnologies will also use Luminex's xMAP® technology to develop tests for diagnosis of allergic disease using highly purified allergens.

iii) DUSTREAM® Collector Patent

Indoor Biotechnologies was granted a U.S. patent for the DUSTREAM® collector in November 2009 (U.S. Patent No. 7,617,566). The collector is only available through Indoor Biotechnologies Inc., Indoor Biotechnologies Ltd., and other authorized distributors and partners.

Allergen Sequences and cDNA

Indoor Biotechnologies has a worldwide exclusive license agreement with Allergopharma Joachim Ganzer (Hamburg, Germany) for production of recombinant allergen proteins and cDNA for research use. Indoor Biotechnologies also has worldwide, exclusive rights to market cockroach allergen sequences, covered by US Patent 5,869,288, from the University of Virginia Patent Foundation. BIOMAY AG (Vienna, Austria) has patents on Bet v 1, Bet v 2, Phl p 2 and Art v 1 sequences. Indoor Biotechnologies Inc has certain rights to supply allergens produced by BIOMAY in the U.S. and Canada. Indoor Biotechnologies Inc. also has a license with Research Corporation Technologies (Tucson, AZ) for production of recombinant allergens in Pichia pastoris expression systems.


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