InBio Highlights of the Year

Each year at this time, InBio has a companywide meeting to celebrate our “Highlights of the Year!” This year gave InBio many reasons to celebrate, including InBio’s 25th anniversary, employee anniversaries of 10 and 20 years, new branding, revamped website, and development of innovative products and services. It has been a pleasure to work and collaborate with our clients this year and thank you for your support. Here is to a successful 2023!

Please find some of InBio’s 2022 highlights below:

InBio Celebrates 25 Years in Business

InBio’s success over the past 25 years is testament to the commitment and dedication of our employees, many of whom have been on this journey with us for 10, 15, 20 or more years. These are the scientists, technicians and managers that take your calls, produce product, implement the science and solve problems. They exemplify InBio’s core values of trust, integrity, leadership, commitment to excellence and communication. And it’s so much fun to work with these folks every day! And of course we thank you, our customers (some of whom have been with us all that time) for your support on our journey.

To celebrate, InBio had a big party in downtown Charlottesville to celebrate our history, successes, and achievements over the past 25 years.

InBio Brews!

To continue the celebrations, InBio brewed a 25th Anniversary Copper Ale in collaboration with Erik Filep, head brewer at Patch Brewery and partner of Stephanie Filep, InBio’s Director of Laboratory Services.

New Branding

InBio introduced an exciting new look and feel in 2022. The new branding represents a transition from our beginnings with indoor allergens to a multi-faceted company with interests and expertise in protein expression, biomanufacturing, molecular diagnostics, and environmental testing. We are truly “InBio”: One company with facilities in the US and the UK.

New Website

Along with the updated branding, InBio launched a new website! The new website has been optimized to provide the best user experience possible, covering InBio’s expansive product and service offerings. We are delighted with the new look, content and icons.

Awards and Publications

InBio’s Director of Research,  Dr. Anna Pomés, was the recipient of the Harold S. Nelson MD, FAAAI Lectureship: Investing Together in Our Future. The award was presented prior to Anna’s lecture on “Human Monoclonal IgE Antibodies to Allergens” at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences AAAAI 2022 Symposium. Congratulations to Anna on this outstanding achievement, which is thoroughly deserved and represents peer recognition of Anna’s NIH funded research over the past 15 years.

InBio’s CRISPR Cat project was featured in the April 2022 edition of The CRISPR Journal, detailing the evolutionary biology and gene editing of cat allergen, Fel d 1. The data of the project indicates that Fel d 1 is both a rational and viable candidate for gene deletion, which may profoundly benefit cat allergy sufferers by removing the major allergen at the source.

InBio continues to be heavily involved in groundbreaking research and publications. Find our complete list of publications here.

New Products and Services

InBio embraces evidence-based molecular approaches to research and development. We are excited to introduce transformational new technologies, including ELISA 2.0, MARIA® for Foods, human IgE monoclonal antibodies to inhaled and food allergens, and integrated mass spectrometry services. As a biomanufacturing company, we produce a comprehensive range of purified allergens and other biologics.

InBio’s UK site offers state-of-the art consumer product testing in its environmental testing suite and is also developing Apollo, a novel air sampling device. All these tools work synergistically to meet our customers’ needs.

Looking Forward To Working With You In 2023!

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