InBio Allergens for 2023!

InBio is excited to announce newly released allergens, including those to alder, Bermuda grass, pistachio, and buckwheat

Flour Power! InBio® has developed a proprietary line of LoTox™ Food Source Materials, including hazelnut and peanut. These Food Source Materials are;

  • Prepared using standardized aseptic extraction conditions.
  • Specified low endotoxin levels (<0.03EU/µg protein).
  • Defined allergen composition validated by mass spectrometry and/or allergen-specific ELISA.
  • Ideally suited for immune and cellular response studies or preclinical R&D.

All allergens are validated using Mass Spectrometry, ELISA, and IgE antibody binding and are manufactured under an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.

See the list of our new allergens and check out the 2023 allergen pipeline!

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