InBio Interview on IAQ Radio

IAQ Radio:
An Interview with Dr. Martin Chapman
Allergens and IAQ

IAQ Radio welcomed Dr. Martin Chapman, President and CEO of InBio, to talk about allergens and indoor air quality, including impact, sampling techniques, and analytical methods. The IAQ Radio discussion also focused on how IAQ specialists can make allergen assessments part of their practice. It was a great show! Thanks to Joe Hughes, Cliff Zlotnik and Grayson Fisher of IAQ Radio for putting this together.

InBio is the world leader in environmental allergen detection, providing products and services for measuring the exposure of a wide range of indoor & food allergens, endotoxins and enzymes. InBio offers unique sampling methods for collection of settled and airborne samples using our DUSTREAM® Collector and Apollo Ambient Air Sampler, respectively.

Using proprietary MARIA® and ELISA 2.0  allergen immunoassays, InBio generates sensitive, reproducible and reliable results across a wide range of applications.

  • Homes, schools and offices
  • Laboratory animal allergen exposures
  • Occupational exposure to food allergens
  • Exposure to industrial enzymes
  • Endotoxin measurements
  • Agricultural allergen exposure
  • Custom contract research projects

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