Food Allergy Awareness Week- Open Sesame!

InBio is dedicated to raising awareness, educating, and improving diagnostic and therapeutic products to benefit food allergic patients.

We’re highlighting the importance of Sesame allergen as part of Food Allergy Awareness Week. Sesame was added to the list of allergens regulated by the Food Allergy Safety, Treatment and Education Act (FASTER) by the US FDA in 2023. The prevalence of sesame allergy has been increasing. Under the FASTER act, Sesame must be labeled as an allergen to enable allergic patients to identify foods containing sesame.

Sesame dominated the number of product recalls by the US FDA and the USDA for undeclared allergens in 2023.

InBio has a sensitive ELISA kit for sesame allergen that can help food producers, manufacturers and processors test for sesame and avoid unnecessary recall costs.

Food allergen testing is part of InBio’s Molecular Approach to Food Allergy, which offers a variety of unique tools and solutions for the food industry, diagnostic/immunotherapy companies, and academic and government researchers. InBio’s MARIA for Foods measures all of the “Big Nine” allergens regulated by FASTER in a single test.

Join us as we work together to promote food safety, raise awareness of food allergy and work towards reducing food recalls and inadvertent exposure of patients to food allergens.

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