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InBio Webinar- Molecular Allergy Diagnostics: Innovative Products and Resources 31 May 2023

InBio has served the allergen diagnostic industry for over 10 years. Using our proven expertise in proteomics, InBio has designed and created a comprehensive portfolio of allergen components for diagnostic use, including food, dust mite, animal, mold, pollen, cockroach, venom and other allergens.

In addition, InBio has a unique portfolio of Human IgE Monoclonal Antibodies (hIgE mAb) to a diverse panel of clinically important allergens. The hIgE mAb are derived from patients with a clinical history of allergic disease and are poised to make a significant impact on research and diagnostic applications.

Join InBio scientists, together with our guest speaker Dr. Lorenz Aglas, to discuss these molecular allergy diagnostic tools and more in an interactive webinar on Wednesday, May 31st   at 10am EDT.  Dr. Aglas will present his recent work using hIgE mAb to initiate mediator release from huRBL cells. Register here.