Contract Research

Contract Research and Product Testing Services

INDOOR Biotechnologies provides high quality contract research in  ISO 17025- and ISO 9001:2008- compliant facilities. 

INDOOR Biotechnologies contract research services include:

Customers who have benefited from our contract research services include many industry and research sectors: allergen manufacturing, consumer products, pharmaceutical, biotech and agri-business, indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, occupational health, companion animal breeders, government and regulatory agencies.

Indoor Biotechnologies’ Contract Research and Product Testing Services have served a wide variety of customers for many years. Confidential and rigorous testing of our clients’ proprietary materials continues to guide many popular products to market. Product testing is offered at three tiers depending on the complexity of the project.

Our complete service packages include initial customer consultation, complete experimental design, laboratory testing by highly trained staff, reliable data processing and detailed report.

Contact our Group Leaders for your next project:

For US:

Immunoassays, R&D: Allergen Manufacturing: Structural and Molecular Biology:
Dr. Eva King Dr. Sabina Wünschmann  Dr. Anna Pomés
Stephanie Filep    


For Europe:

Dr. James Hindley


For Asia:

Dr. Sivasankar Baalasubramanian (Shiv)
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