Cleaning and Consumer Product R&D Update

InBio Supports Cleaning and Consumer Product R&D

Validating allergen claims are an important aspect of any cleaning or consumer product, serving to add value by increasing consumer confidence about the efficacy of these products. InBio has essential tools and unmatched allergen testing expertise to validate product claims.

Please find information below on InBio’s comprehensive allergen and viral testing capabilities, as well as a recently completed webinar and article on validating allergen removal claims.

Unique Testing Capabilities

Many companies are working on innovative healthcare products to reduce allergen exposures and transmission of infectious agents, such as viruses. InBio provides essential tools and expertise for product development and for validation of allergen removal efficacy claims and virucidal activity in our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities.

InBio’s comprehensive suite of cleaning/consumer product services includes;

MARIA® The gold standard for allergen analysis providing for simultaneous allergen detection of major allergens, including food allergens, from multiple sample types. Applications that can be pursued with MARIA® include validating allergen removal claims of cleaning and consumer products, as well as ability of filters to purify air of allergens.

Environmental Testing Suite (ETS) Located in Cardiff, Wales, UK, the ETS is primarily used to test the safety and efficacy of home and personal care products including air purification devices, cleaning products, vacuum cleaners, carpets and textiles.

Each room has independent HEPA filtered air and temperature control and the Dry room has been designed to AHAM AC-1 standards. The facility supports all stages of product development, from R&D to formulation testing and validation of end-product claims. Comprehensive allergen testing is provided onsite.

Viral Testing InBio offers a broad range of viral testing, including virucidal activity and assessments of virus viability on surfaces. Suspension and surface tests are in accordance with EN 14476, EN 16777, ASTM E1052 and ASTM E1053 standards with an aerosolization model in the works. Custom testing methods can be designed to test a variety of products for virucidal efficacy, including Vaccinia virus and Human Coronavirus 229E which can support product claims against coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

Cleaning & Consumer Product Testing Webinar

Earlier this year, InBio held an interactive webinar in which scientists discussed how unique and customizable testing methods could be used in the validation of allergen removal efficacy claims. This includes testing the efficacy of home and personal care products, including air purification devices, cleaning products, vacuum cleaners, carpets, and textiles.

The webinar covers these services in detail, providing technical background, data, and applications. Click on the link below to watch!

Let’s Work Together

Whether you conduct primary research on allergens, develop diagnostic systems, or create products to alleviate environmental and food allergies, you need expertise in action. And that’s exactly what InBio delivers, across everything from highly purified allergens and advanced test kits, to environmental and food allergen testing, to contract research for specialized needs.

  • Broad product catalog
  • Deep scientific background
  • Ongoing commitment to R&D
  • Well-documented subject-matter expertise
  • Direct contact with our scientific team
  • Flexible, collaborative relationships

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