Ventia™ Rapid Allergen Test (RT-DM-1)

Ventia™ Rapid Allergen Test (RT-DM-1)
Ventia™ Rapid Allergen Test (RT-DM-1) Ventia™ Rapid Allergen Test (RT-DM-1) Ventia™ Rapid Allergen Test (RT-DM-1)
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Ventia™ is a home-based rapid allergen test for detection of house dust mite allergen which is designed for use by allergic patients and other consumers. The Ventia® kit enables the presence of mite allergen to be detected in a dust extract within ten minutes.


All you need to do is take a dust sample from bedding or carpet using the DUSTREAM® collector that is provided with the kit and apply the sample to the test. No dust handling is involved. Results are obtained within 10 minutes and color indicator lines show whether the sample contains Low, Medium or High levels of mite allergen.


The Ventia™ package contains everything needed to perform 2 tests. All you need is a vacuum cleaner to which you can attach the DUSTREAM™ collector nozzle contained in the kit.

                           Ventia™ in Action


                     Watch the Instructional Video in French or Spanish

  • 2 tests for mite Group 2 allergens
  • One DUSTREAM® collector and 2 disposable filters
  • Buffer solutions and 2 sample droppers
  • Instruction booklet and sampling guidelines
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Ventia™ Product Insert and Directions 2.31MB 27/05/2014 Download
Full color insert and directions for Ventia™ Rapid Test for Dust Mite Allergen.
DUSTREAM® Collector Poster presented at AIHce 2008 189.96KB 27/05/2014 Download
Performance Data for a Dust Collection Device that is Compatible with Most Commercial U.S. Vacuum Cleaners.
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