Molecular Diagnostics

Your source for IgE and biomarker detection in allergy and immunology research:

Indoor Biotechnologies offers a range of customized molecular diagnostic services to serve researchers in academia, pharma and consumer products industry.

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IgE-Quantitative Binding Assay (QBA)™

IgE Detection Services Services are available using our Quantitative Binding Assay, as well as ImmunoCap.​  Please contact us to discuss your specific analytical needs.

Find out more about IgE-QBA

Cytokine/Chemokine Analysis

Customized, professional analysis of human or animal cytokine and chemokine biomarkers for research.

Luminex® xMAP® technology enables the quantification of multiple cytokines simultaneously, using as little as 25μl of sample. Indoor Biotechnologies utilises Luminex® xMAP® assays to offer a cost effective multiplex cytokine analysis service. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Collaborative approach
  • Broad selection of cytokines and other biomarkers
  • Fully customisable panels
  • Human or animal specimens
  • Fast turnaround
  • Fully processed and analysed results

If you don’t have the time or the instrumentation to perform multiplex cytokine analysis assays, Indoor Biotechnologies can help!

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Contact our Group Leaders:

Head of Immunoassays, R&D:
Eva M King, MSc, PhD

Molecular Diagnostic Services:
Stephanie Filep, BS

Head of Allergen Manufacturing, R&D:
Sabina Wünschmann, MSC, PhD

Executive Director, IBL (Cardiff)
James P Hindley, PhD

All diagnostic services are performed in

Indoor Biotechnologies’ ISO-17025-compliant Laboratory.

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