Indoor Biotechnologies specializes in products and services for indoor air quality, environmental sciences, allergy and asthma, configured for research or for consumer use.

Indoor Biotechnologies manufactures purified natural and recombinant allergens for research use and for development of allergy diagnostics and vaccines. This product line currently includes fifty purified dust mite, animal, cockroach, mold, pollen, and food allergens that are manufactured to a high degree of purity and biologic activity. The line includes purified LoTox™ allergens with low endotoxin content that are designed for immunologic and biologic studies. Allergen cDNA's are also available.

Our immunoassay technology uses allergen-specific monoclonal antibodies in ELISA kits and multiplex array technology (MARIA®) for allergen detection and in the Ventia™ rapid allergen test for measuring mite allergen.

Indoor Biotechnologies’ new IgE-QBA™ combines the power the MARIA® assay platform with its repertoire of purified allergens to create a flexible system for the simultaneous detection of total and allergen-specific IgE in human samples. At this time, the IgE-QBA™ is available as beta-version, for research use only.

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