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What is MARIA® Technology?

The Multiplex Array for Indoor Allergens (MARIA®) combines Indoor Biotechnologies proprietary panels of monoclonal antibodies with the Luminex xMAP® multiplexing technology. MARIA® technology uses polystyrene microspheres that are internally dyed with distinct fluorophores to create as many as 100 distinctly coded bead sets. Capture antibodies are covalently coupled to different bead sets and then used to develop quantitative immunoassays using biotinylated detector antibodies and a reporting fluorophore.

Up to 11 common allergens of dust mite (Der p 1, Der f 1 and Mite Group 2), cat (Fel d 1), dog (Can f 1), mouse (Mus m 1), rat (Rat n 1), cockroach (Bla g 2), Alternaria (Alt a 1) and the pollen allergens of birch (Bet v 1) and timothy grass (Phl p 5) can currently be measured simultaneously using this technology. The detection panel is continuously being enlarged to include other allergens, such as food allergens and other molds.

Check the Value Proposition for ELISA and MARIA®, which outlines the pros and cons of each assay, and our Technical Information on MARIA®. Whatever the choice, Indoor Biotechnologies can provide assistance and training in setting up laboratories for ELISA or MARIA®. Almost all the commercial allergen testing laboratories in the U.S. (and elsewhere) use our assays. Most of these labs have been trained by Indoor Biotechnologies professional staff on our annual training course or have received customized training through our company.

Become Part of the Solution

Indoor Biotechnologies provides comprehensive allergen testing services worldwide.  We partner with companies from the indoor air quality, occupational health and industrial hygiene industry to expand the provision of allergen exposure assessments.  This helps companies become part of the solution and to address environmental exposures in the home and the workplace that have known health effects.

Indoor Biotechnologies can help:

  1. We work with companies to establish an allergen analysis laboratory, or to incorporate allergen testing in existing laboratories. We also provide specialized training in sample collection, immunoassays, data analysis and interpretation of exposure levels.
  2. We partner with companies who do not have laboratory facilities and provide them and their clients with professional allergen analysis services.  Our ISO 17025 compliant Environmental Testing Laboratory provides INDOOR® Allergen Analysis Services for clients by MARIA® and ELISA.  We have established a network of MARIA® Service Partners who send samples to Indoor Biotechnologies for allergen analysis and who receive quantity discounts and other benefits from the partnership.  Included in this network are MARIA® Sub-Distributors who perform independent MARIA® testing services and provide companies with state-of-the-art MARIA® allergen exposure assessment.

MARIA® Sub-Distributors

MARIA® sub-distributors are authorized through a business development agreement to use MARIA® kits and to carry out MARIA® testing on a fee-for-service basis.  MARIA® Sub-Distributors provide comparable quality MARIA® services to Indoor Biotechnologies and are able to integrate MARIA® services into their businesses to generate additional income streams and revenues.  MARIA® Sub-Distributor benefits are similar to those provided to Service Partners.  They also include discounts on MARIA® kits as well as sharing of technical information, know how and intellectual property on MARIA®.

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