Custom 4-plex Multiplex Array for Indoor Allergens (MRA-C4)

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This is a multiplex assay kit manufactured by INDOOR Biotechnologies Inc. to be used for the quantitative determination of FOUR of the following eleven common allergens:

House dust mite allergens Der p 1 (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus), Der f 1 (Dermatophagoides farinae) and Mite Group 2, animal allergens Fel d 1 (cat, Felis domesticus), Can f 1 (dog, Canis familiaris), Mus m 1 (mouse, Mus musculus), Rat n 1 (rat, Rattus norwegicus), German cockroach, Bla g 2 (Blattella germanica), mold allergen Alt a 1 (Alternaria alternata) and pollens,Bet v 1 (Birch, Betula verrucosa) and Phl p 5 (Timothy grass, Phleum pratense).

This kit may be used for analysis of the above indoor allergens in environmental samples, such as house dust extracts or air filter samples and other biologic or environmental samples.

NOTE: Please list the requested allergens in the "Customer Notes" when you check out. 

Product Resources: MRA-C4 Certificate of Analysis
For research and commercial use in vitro: not for human in vivo or therapeutic use.

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