Lab Animal Allergen Analysis (three allergens) (AS-LAA3)

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Fel d 1 (Cat):

Mus m 1 (Mouse):

Rat n 1 (Rat):

GPUP ELISA (Guinea Pig):

Bos d 2 ELISA (Cow):

Equ c 4 ELISA (Horse):


Lab Animal Allergen analysis service for THREE of the following allergens:


Fel d 1* (cat, Felis domesticus), Can f 1* (dog, Canis familiaris), Mus m 1* (mouse, Mus musculus), Rat n 1* (rat, Rattus norwegicus), GPUP** (guinea pig, Cavia porcellus), Equ c 4** (horse, Equus ferus caballus), Bos d 2** (cow, Bos domesticus).

*MARIA® analysis

**ELISA analysis


1 sample

Sample Types: house dust samples, allergen extracts, air filter samples and other samples requiring allergen measurements




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