Multiplex IgE-QBA™ Kits

Introducing the new IgE-QBA™ Simultaneous Detection of Total and Allergen-Specific IgE using xMAP® technology.

Now Available with Magnetic Beads

The IgE-QBA™ unites INDOOR Biotechnologies MARIA® testing platform and its repertoire of purified natural and recombinant allergens to create a flexible, fully-customizable quantitative assay for detection of multiple IgE analytes in human samples. At this time, the array is available as beta-version, for research use only.

IgE-QBA™ Array features:


IgE Analytes


Total IgE

House Dust Mites

Der p 1, Der f 1, and Der p 2 or Der f 2

Pets (cat, dog)

Fel d 1, Can f 1


Mus m 1, Rat n 1


Bet v 1, Phl p 5


Alt a 1

Panels for peanut- and cockroach-specific IgE are in development.

IgE-QBA™ Kits with Magnetic Beads include a 20% price increase from the prices listed below.

Click here to view IgE-QBA™ performance characteristics and result comparisons with Streptavidin-ImmunoCAP. (To be presented at the AAAAI 2013.) To view the product insert with assay protocol, technical notes and data handling instructions, click here.

The Data Analysis Reference sheet for the IgE-QBA™ protocol is available here.

How does the IgE-QBA™ work?

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The IgE-QBA™ is for research use only.
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