Endotoxin Testing

Indoor Biotechnologies offers the latest in endotoxin detection technology. In addition to the traditional LAL assay, we now offer endotoxin testing using the Recombinant Factor C (rFC) method.

Advantages of the fluorescence-based rFC assay include:

  • Endotoxin specificity - eliminate the potential for false positives due to Beta-(1,3)-glucans
  • Assay components are not derived from horseshoe crabs, offering a sustainable and reliable method
  • Better lot-to-lot consistency of assay components
  • Increased precision and accuracy
  • FDA approved as a final release test


The rFC method is used for detecting endotoxin in environmental and biological samples and medical devices. For further information on Endotoxin testing by LAL or rFC, contact Bryan Smith.

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    Description: Endotoxin analysis using Recombinant Factor C (rFc)..
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