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Quantity Discounts: 5% discount for 3 kits; 10% for 4-9 kits; 15% for 10 or more kits. Discounts apply to any combination of ELISA kits. 
Complete List of INBIO ELISA kits
Indoor Biotechnologies manufactures a comprehensive range of quantitative ELISA Kits for allergens from dust mite, cat, dog, mouse, rat, cockroach, pollen, foods and molds which have been cited in over 400 scientific publications.


  • Measurement of allergen levels in environmental and biologic samples
  • Home allergen testing
  • Monitoring of avoidance procedures
  • Testing of dust samples collected in houses
  • Pre-market testing of allergen control procedures and device
  • Allergen standardization
  • Formulation of allergenic products, diagnostics and vaccines

Each kit contains:

  • Capture monoclonal antibody
  • Calibrated allergen standard
  • Calibrated biotinylated secondary mAb (or rabbit polyclonal antibody)
  • Sufficient reagents for 10 (ELISA-10) 96 well microtiter plates
  • Full assay protocol and references

For information on multiplex array technology for allergen detection (MARIA™), see: MARIA® Kits.

As of January 1st, 2016, non-precoated ELISA kits are only available for academic and government clients. 
All other customers please see ELISA 2.0 (precoated plates). 

ELISA Kit Products

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Phl p 5 ELISA kit (EL-PP5)
ELISA kit for measuring Phleum pratense allergen, Phl p 5. Antibodies: 1..
Rat n 1 ELISA kit (EL-RN1)
ELISA kit for measuring Rat Urinary Protein (RUP) allergen, Rat n 1. ..
 ELISA kit for measuring S. chartarum antigen. Sensitivity: 2U/ml ..
ELISA kit for measuring S. chartarum antigen. Sensitivity: 2U/ml ..
Tropomyosin ELISA kit (EL-TPM)
ELISA kit for measuring D. pteronyssinus tropomyosin allergen, Der p 10. Sen..
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