Bet v 1 ELISA 2.0 kit - Five plate pack (EPC-BV1-5)

Bet v 1 ELISA 2.0 kit - Five plate pack (EPC-BV1-5)
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ELISA 2.0 kit for measuring Birch pollen allergen, Bet v 1.
Antibodies: 4B10/2E10
Standard Range: 100-0.02 ng/ml
Limit of Detection: 0.02ng/ml
Background OD<0.08 at 450nm
Coefficient of Determination: R-squared>0.98
Contents: Plate: Pre-coated with anti-Bet v 1 monoclonal antibody 4B10
Vial 1: (white top) Bet v 1 allergen standard
Concentration: 1000 ng/ml
Vial 2: (brown) Biotinylated monoclonal antibody 2E10
Vial 3: (red top) Streptavidin-peroxidase
Bottle 1: Wash buffer, (10x concentrate)
Bottle 2: Assay buffer, (10x concentrate)
Bottle 3: TMB developing substrate
Bottle 4: Stop solution (0.5N sulfuric acid)
Storage: Store at 2-8°C.
Expiry: 6 months from date of receipt
Not Provided: Type I ultrapure water or 18.2MΩ de-ionized water
Volumetric measuring equipment (e.g. serological pipette, graduated cylinder)
Clean containers for buffer and reagent preparation
Calibrated single and multi-channel micropipettes and tips
Vortex mixer
Plate reader capable of reading absorbance at 450nm
Analysis software (recommended, but not required)
Notes: The allergen standard is recommended for immunoassay calibration
purposes only.
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EPC-BV1-5 Certificate of Analysis

Validation Performance Data

For research and commercial use in vitro: not for human in vivo or therapeutic use.

  Certificate of Analysis
Pre-coated Plate: 96-well polystyrene microtiter plate coated with
monoclonal antibody 4B10 and treated with stabilizing
agent. Sealed in foil pouch with desiccant.
Monoclonal Antibody: 4B10 (clone 4B10 D10 F8)
Immunogen: Bet v 1
Isotype: Mouse IgG1
Specificity: Binds to multiple isoforms of Betula verrucosa allergen, Bet v 1.
Purification: Produced in tissue culture and purified by affinity chromatography using Protein A. Single heavy and light chain bands on SDS-PAGE.

  Certificate of Analysis
Detection Antibody: 2E10 (clone 2E10 G6 G7)
Immunogen: Birch pollen extract
Isotype: Mouse IgG1
Specificity: Binds to a non-overlapping, conserved epitope on Bet v 1.
Purification: From tissue culture by ammonium sulphate precipitation and purified by affinity chromatography using Protein A. Single heavy and light chain bands on SDS-PAGE.
Biotinylation: Biotinylated and titrated for use in ELISA at 1/1000 dilution. Prepared in 1% BSA/50% glycerol/PBS, pH 7.4, 0.22µm filtered, preservative free.

  Certificate of Analysis
Allergen Standard: Recombinant Bet v 1a prepared in 1% BSA/50%
glycerol/PBS, pH 7.4.
Concentration: 1000 ng/mL (The rBet v 1a was produced from Pichia and purified by a multi-step chromatography procedure. Validity of the rBet v 1 standard was confirmed by comparison with the European Pharmacopoeia reference CRS (Y0001565), recombinant major allergen
rBet v 1 containing 10.25μg of rBet v 1 per vial.)


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