Dustream® Collector

INDOOR Biotechnologies has developed collection and extraction devices that make testing for allergens an easy and convenient process. Our patented DUSTREAM® collector allows clean and convenient dust sampling within 2 minutes. DUSTREAM® is designed for use with the Ventia™ Rapid Allergen Test for Dust Mite, which detects mite allergen in the home within 10 minutes.

DUSTREAM® collectors fit most vacuum cleaners and are preferred for submitting samples for MARIA® and ELISA testing as part of our Environmental Testing and INDOOR® Allergen Analysis Services.

Key features of the DUSTREAM® collector:

DUSTREAM® Instructions for use

Licensing and Manufacture

Indoor Biotechnologies was granted a U.S. patent for the DUSTREAM® collector in November 2011 (U.S. Reg. No. 4,052,260). The collector is only available through Indoor Biotechnologies Inc., Indoor Biotechnologies Ltd., and other authorized distributors and partners. Unauthorized manufacture or distribution of the DUSTREAM® collector is prohibited. Indoor Biotechnologies welcomes enquiries about licensing opportunities, OEM and bulk sales. Please contact Dr. Martin D. Chapman.
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