Mouse/Human Chimeric Antibodies

The Problem

Obtaining a consistent supply of allergen-specific human antibodies (particularly IgE) from allergic patients can be difficult. Furthermore, natural variations in the antibody responses (IgE, IgG4 and IgG1) can make the use of patient sera in vitro difficult to standardise.

The Solution

Indoor Biotechnologies’ proprietary mouse/human chimeric antibodies provide a solution to these problems. Our mouse/human chimeric antibodies were created by combining the Fab fragment of the mouse monoclonal anti-Der p 2 antibody (2B12) with the human Fc heavy-chain constant regions (epsilon, gamma 4 or gamma 1). Specifically, kappa light chains and one VH domain of the murine anti-Der p 2 monoclonal antibody 2B12 B3 was co-expressed with the heavy chain constant domains of human IgE, IgG4 or IgG1 using a mammalian expression vector in a hybridoma cell line.


These antibodies can be useful for in vitro assays where a consistent supply of allergen specific IgE, IgG4 or IgG1 is difficult to obtain. For example, the standardisation of laboratory tests for the quantification of IgE.

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