Allergen Standards

Well defined allergen standards are essential for calibration of immunoassays.  Indoor Biotechnologies produces a Universal Allergen Standard (UAS) containing eight purified allergens that is formulated according to the principles of the European Union CREATE project.  Allergens in the UAS are determined by amino acid analysis and the standard is suitable for use in both ELISA and MARIA™. 

Allergen standards for use in other ELISA kits are produced in house and are calibrated, where possible, against national or international reference preparations.

Indoor Biotechnologies Allergen Standards are recommended for immunoassay calibration purposes only, as replacements in ELISA or MARIA™ kits.  The standards are not recommended for in vitro antibody measurements, T cell studies, immunization purposes, or other uses.  Please see our comprehensive line of LoTox™ products and other purified allergens for these applications.
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