Food Allergens

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For more than 15 years Indoor Biotechnologies has been involved in the identification, purification and analysis of food allergens. Indoor Biotechnologies’ purified allergens and allergen-specific ELISAs have helped shape the molecular understanding of food allergy.

More recently, between 2013 and 2017, Indoor Biotechnologies was part of the European Union funded iFAAM project. This project was considered the World’s Largest Ever Food Allergy Study. Our involvement in the project was to develop multi-analyte immunoassay tools for allergen analysis. Indoor Biotechnologies’ multiplex Food MARIA® assay was the result of this project, as well as numerous food allergen specific ELISAs and purified food allergen proteins.

Our unique approach to food allergen science and analysis involves: 

  • focusing on the most clinically relevant allergenic proteins
  • purification and validation of those allergens
  • development of allergen specific antibodies (preferably monoclonal).

The use of high quality reagents allows us to create the industry’s most sensitive and reliable ELISA and multiplex MARIA immunoassays. These reagents and assays are well-suited for scientists in the food industry as well as diagnostic and therapeutic researchers.
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