New ELISA Kits for 2016!

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Guinea Pig Urinary Protein and Peanut Allergen Ara h 8. Also check out the 2016 ELISA kit pipeling.

INDOOR Biotechnologies Immunoassay pipeline 2016*


*subject to change
Guinea Pig Urinary Protein
Product Code: EL-GPUP
Occupational exposure to laboratory animal allergens presents a risk for sensitization and development of allergic disease. Indoor Biotechnologies now offers an ELISA kit for guinea pig urinary protein, GPUP, in addition to our ratmouse,horse and cow assays. The GPUP ELISA uses polyclonal antibodies to guinea pig urinary proteins for capture and detection (biotin-conjugated). The assay is highly sensitive (3.9ng/mL) and is specific for GPUP, guinea pig hair and epithelial proteins. Applications include environmental and occupational exposure monitoring, as well as standardization of allergen extracts.
Peanut Allergen Ara h 8
Product Code:  EL-AH8
An ELISA for Ara h 8 has been added to Indoor Biotechologies' expanding catalog of peanut allergen assays. Ara h 8 is a potential trigger for oral allergy syndrome (OAS), due to its structural homology with Bet v 1. The ELISA uses an Ara h 8-specific monoclonal antibody paired with polyclonal anti- Ara h 8, and has a sensitivity of 1.9ng/mL.  Peanut allergens Ara h 1, 2, 3, and 6, as well as Bet v 1 are not detected in the Ara h 8 ELISA.  The assay may be used to measure Ara h 8 in food products and peanut extracts, and may help distinguish between Ara h 8 and Bet v 1 sensitivity to better understand oral allergy syndrome.
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