Purified Allergens – New Products, Pipeline and Timeline for 2016

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INDOOR Biotechnologies Allergen Pipeline 2016*

*subject to change

Happy New Year from the Allergen Team!

In 2015, we optimized bioprocessing pathways to yield high purity allergens and became ISO 9001:2008 certified. In 2016, we are committed to continuous improvement and to expansion of our product pipeline.

Two new hazelnut allergens have just been released: Cor a 1 (Product code: RP-CA1-1) and Cor a 14 (RP-CA14) which will distinguish between cross-reactivity and primary hazelnut allergy.

This year, Indoor Biotechnologies catalogue of food allergens will be extended to include molecular diagnostics for hazelnut, peanut, milk, and wheat allergy, In addition, cat lipocalin allergen, Fel d 4, and the dog arginine esterase Can f 5 will be produced for diagnosis of animal allergy.

Other allergens in the pipeline include mugwort (Art v 1), Bet v 2, and the storage mite allergen, Gly d 2.

Besides new allergens, we will introduce a new product line of lyophilized Molecular Reference Materials (MRM) with applications for molecular diagnostics and for standardization of vaccines used for immunotherapy.

Stay tuned for more details of these new products. Contact Dr. Sabina Wünschmann for further information.

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